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"Committing time to the international Community by working for EuroTAB is an instense and precious opportunity to mature, learn, experience and for sure will change your perception of yourself and the method!" Annatina Escher

"For any person, interested in the future and shape of the Feldenkrais Method, I would recommend volunteering to join the EuroTAB. When the team is well connected and supportive the impossible can truly become possible." Lorna Tardin

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Annatina Escher

Working for the EuroTAB is a great learning opportunity and a chance to gain new experiences!

The beginning is not easy - getting to know the work, fitting in the team, learning how to assess the applications respectfully - and it can be frustrating as many of the processes are slow, but developing professional, proficient and respectful collaborations within the team is very satisfying.

Having the possibility to read so many applications - each one a window to a different world - I feel very privileged and endowed. This turned out to be another way to deepen my understanding of the Feldenkrais Method.

Franck Armand

The reason for joining the EuroTab was related to the Assessment Tool project which I had been involved with for several years already. Since I graduated, I have developed my own practice and did not go to many FPPTPs. I was willing to know more about what makes a Feldenkraïs training a Feldenkraïs training. How an assessment tool could be introduced during these programs. Obviously the EuroTab was the best place to get that knowledge.

However, I was very much surprised about the work of that body. It was so much more than I thought! And so professional!

So much unknown by our community members and however so important indeed!

First, I was impressed by the professional work done. A great school to work deeply, efficiently and collectively on the most basic and important aspects of our method. So interesting also to get into individual applications or work on project for the future development of our method.

Working in the EuroTab gives the opportunity to develop even more our Feldenkraïs competencies while having the chance to practice other competencies of ours that we can share.

Lorna Tardin

As I am writing these lines, I am nearing the end of my second term on the EuroTAB. These almost 6 years, have been rich with experiences at many levels. When I first entered the team, I had many questions about what EuroTAB was doing and the first year was not easy. At first, facing contradicting opinions, interests and points of view can come across as daunting. However, things picked up when the team developed an interest in figuring out a better way for doing the work. The benefits of this process were not just at the professional level but created the communication and support in the team that made the work engaging.

There are obvious benefits from learning to evaluate applications. EuroTAB has gone into a lot of trouble to learn how to do this, and the tools we have been practicing are very good thinking tools not just for application work. There are other benefits as well. Learning how to promote ideas and to present them to the community as an example. While in the process facilitating changes for the community, I discovered many changes that were happening in me.

Team work is a good way to learn about oneself. I am most grateful for the encouragement I received from the team to take the role of chair in my second term - an option, I would never have considered for myself. It has also been a great pleasure to meet people internationally and develop personal connections.

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