Saint-Petersburg 1
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I will consider the training to be fulfilling its objectives when graduates will have a basic body of knowledge in tools of skills, attitudes, qualities, understanding, experience and motivation to start teaching with an orientation of ever progressive discoveries and creativity, with the clarity of what distinctly makes the Feldenkrais Method a path of organic education.

The characteristic quality of the St. Petersbourg 1 Training will be its supportive atmosphere, providing people a safe ground to process the learning challenges and self transformation inherent in the learning.

The learning in the training will be done in “layers” or approximations, which means instead of studying a specific subject to its full depth, it will be repeated in different contexts many times, each time with more depth, details, variation, articulation of the inner dynamics and principles, improving the application of the learned material on oneself as well as to another person.

  • Students will have the possibility to access the material, both audio and video, registered during Training segments and will be invited to study by themselves or together with other fellow students. In between segments there will be Training days - of 2 or 3 hours - where the Educational Director and the other Trainers will teach online, in order to guarantee teaching continuity.
  • In this Training, particular importance will be given to working with children, both able and with special needs. Lessons will be held particularly aimed at children and many lessons that Moshe gave to children with special needs
  • Practitioners are invited to the Training so that they can give their support and also continue to grow in the Feldenkrais community to become Assistant Trainers.
  • Students who have missed a few days will be given the opportunity - in case of illness - to connect online for a few days. In case of longer absences, the training organization will offer make-up periods.
Course Name
Saint-Petersburg 1
11/01/2024 ~ 20/07/2027
Educational Director
Isabella Turino
Russian, English
Year 1
  • 06.11.2023 - 18.11.2023
    Isabella Turino
  • 04.03.2024 - 15.03.2024
    Francesco Ambrosio
  • 01.07.2024 - 14.07.2024
    Isabella Turino
Year 2
  • 18.11.2024 - 29.11.2024
    Mara Fusero
  • 17.03.2025 - 29.03.2025
    Francesco Ambrosio
  • 30.06.2025 - 12.07.2025
    Isabella Turino
Year 3
  • 13.10.2025 - 25.10.2025
    Francesco Ambrosio
  • 11.05.2026 - 23.05.2026
    Ruty Bar
  • 06.07.2026 - 18.07.2026
    Isabella Turino
Year 4
  • 05.10.2026 - 17.10.2026
    Ruty Bar
  • 10.05.2027 - 23.05.2027
    Isabella Turino
  • 19.07.2027 - 31.07.2027
    Isabella Turino

Aditionally 28 ONLINE days of 2 hours each over the Training.