New Assistant Trainers, Trainer Candidates, Trainers and Training Programs in 2023

ETAB Personal Applications


Assistant Trainers

Nili Ariely (Israel)
Stéphanie Ménasé (France)


Trainer Candidates
Yvo Mentens (France)
Gabriela Gómez (Argentina, under the umbrella of NATAB)    



Eitan Sarig (Israel)
Lorna Tardin (Israel)

Monika Praxmarer (Germany, under the umbrella of DTAB)


New FPTP 2023

Bar 8 (Israel)

Jerusalem 9 (Israel)

Saint Petersbourg 1 (Russia)

Paris International 1 (France)

Madrid 6 (Spain)

Barcelona International 4 (Spain)

Sussex 13 (UK)

Stockholm International (Sweden)

Wien 3 (Austria)

Euskadi 1 (Spain, Basque Country)

Lisbon 3 (Portugal)


Accredited through AIIMF:

Roma 9 (Italy)