Wien 2023
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The Feldenkrais Institut Wien hosts international Feldenkrais training programs in the highest possible quality in Vienna, Austria. Internationally highly regarded and distinguished Feldenkrais trainers teach along with and under the experienced guidance of Educational Director Donna Ray, M.A., M.F.T. Donna is a highly knowledgeable, internationally known Feldenkrais Trainer with more than 40 years of teaching experience.

The Feldenkrais Institut Wien provides a large educational team that will be present at all times to support your ideal learning process. Teaching language is English.

With the daily presence of a large team we ensure that:

  • all trainees receive the attention they need and want;
  • female and male teachers are present at all times;
  • teachers can respond to trainees’ needs in both English and German;
  • a variety of teaching styles enriches your learning experience.

Feldenkrais Institut Wien is a modern and comfortable training location with rooms especially adapted for the Feldenkrais Method. It covers 400 m2 and is therefore one of the major Feldenkrais spaces in Europe with a year-round schedule of classes, workshops and other events. At Feldenkrais Institut Wien you will meet our dedicated team and you will also benefit from the service we provide. The Feldenkrais Institut Wien is located in a charming turn-of-the-19th- century building with a quiet yard, a small sunny terrace, up-to-date technical equipment and a library. The entire infrastructure serves trainees in their optimal learning process. The institute is just a two-minute walk from the beautiful, baroque Augarten park. It is in the 2nd district, close to the center of Vienna and easily accessible by public transport.

Course Name
Wien 2023
09/11/2023 ~ 25/07/2027
Educational Director
Donna Ray
English, German
Year 1
  • 09.11.2023 - 19.11.2023
    Donna Ray
  • 15.02.2024 - 25.02.2024
    Donna Ray
  • 04.07.2024 - 28.07.2024
    Scott Clark, Arlyn Zones
Year 2
  • 07.11.2024 - 17.11.2024
    Christoph Habegger
  • 20.02.2025 - 02.03.2025
    Elisabeth Beringer
  • 03.07.2025 - 27.07.2025
    Donna Ray
Year 3
  • 06.11.2025 - 16.11.2025
    Anastasi Siotas
  • 19.02.2026 - 01.03.2026
    Beatriz Walterspiel
  • 02.07.2026 - 26.07.2026
    Donna Ray
Year 4
  • 05.11.2026 - 15.11.2026
    Julie Casson Rubin
  • 18.02.2026 - 28.02.2026
    Mara Fusero
  • 01.07.2027 - 25.07.2027
    Donna Ray