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European and Israeli Feldenkrais Training and Accreditation Board

Welcome to the website of the European and Israeli Feldenkrais Training and Accreditation Board, known as EuroTAB!

The EuroTAB is responsible for accrediting Feldenkrais Training Programs in Europe and Israel. That is, our job is to check if training proposals conform to the International Training and Accreditation Guidelines.

We also certify Assistant Feldenkrais Trainers and cooperate with the other TABs (NATAB for North America, and AusTAB , for Australia) to certify Trainers.

The EuroTAB is a working committee of the EuroTAB Council, a representative organization which is composed of Feldenkrais Associations and Guilds in ten countries in Europe and Israel.

If you are not familiar with the Feldenkrais Method® you can follow these links for the following countries and organizations that can provide you with a description of the Method and a list of teachers where you can experience the work firsthand.
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If you are a graduate of a Mia Segal or Yochanan Rywerant or Eli Wadler Training, you may want to read about a process whose completion will enable you to become a full member of all European FELDENKRAIS GUILDS/ASSOCIATIONS and to apply for certification as Assistant-Trainer or Trainer:

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