Grievance Procedure

If a student in a Training Program has an ethical issue they are unable to resolve with the person concerned, they may:

  • Approach a member of the educational faculty with whom they feel comfortable. E.g., Training organizer, Assistant Trainer, Trainer.
  • If the student is unable to resolve the issue within the Training, the next step would be to contact the local Guild. (Students must be provided with contact details for this person as  part of their initial contract documents)
  • The local Guild Grievance/Ethics committee will deal with the complaint, according to their grievance protocol, if it involves someone certified by them (or for whom this is their home Guild if certification is unavailable). If the person is certified by another Guild, the matter will be referred to the certifying Guild.
  • The local contact person will follow the progress of resolution and ensure that the matter is formally concluded.
  • The certifying Guild may request the local Guild to assist with the initial enquiry. The IFF mediation committee may be requested to assist if the local Guild is unable to handle the matter. (e.g., very small Guilds)
  • In the event that the complaint is about a Training organiser or related person who is not a member/practitioner of a Guild, the local Guild will refer the matter to ETAB for mediation. The TAB could resort to suspending or canceling the Training accreditation.
  • If the Grievance/Ethics committee determines that disciplinary action is required, they will inform their Board, who will take appropriate action. This may involve reprimand, suspension, or revocation of certification (or membership).
  • ETAB must then be informed of what action has been taken so that they can take action on any matters related to the Training.
  • The certifying Guild must also inform all Governing bodies and other Guilds that disciplinary action has been taken. They may request the IFF secretary to arrange for email distribution.
  • In the event that there is no local Guild, the contact details of ETAB will be provided to the students.

Here you find the IFF Proposal for Student Ethical Grievance procedure (2018)