Here you can find the list of requirements for the submission of an application to become an Assistant Trainer according to the international guidelines.

To see the guidelines in PDF press here. For further explanation and guidance, please read also the Appendix to the guidelines

  1. Graduation from a TAB-accredited Feldenkrais Professional Training Program
  2. A minimum of 5 years in professional Feldenkrais practice, in both FI and ATM (as defined in #6). This is the minimum; we expect most people to meet these requirements in a period spanning more than five years.
  3. An average of minimum 20 hours per year of advanced training since graduation. (Advanced Training is defined as: "A continuing education (seminar, advanced training, master class, etc.) that is specially designed for and solely attended by graduated Feldenkrais Practitioners and is taught by a graduated Feldenkrais Practitioner, Assistant Trainer or Trainer."
  4. A list of FI lessons received since graduation from a Feldenkrais Method Training Program:
    • A minimum of 5 FI lessons received from Trainers plus a minimum of 10 FI's from Assistant Trainers OR from experienced Feldenkrais Method practitioners (those with ten years of full time practice). Please write about what you have learned from these lessons.
    • A minimum of another 15 FI's received from other Feldenkrais Method practitioners.
  5. Membership in an IFF full-member guild or a Feldenkrais professional association. Membership must be maintained to continue your Assistant Trainer status once received.
  6. Feldenkrais practice: The TABs recognize that individual Feldenkrais method practices may vary greatly in emphasis, content, and geographical mobility. We are looking for a clear profile of a substantial practice of the Method and evidence of your readiness to be an assistant trainer. As such, the following two items are recommended but not required to be followed to the letter:
    • 2 - 3 ATM classes per week for six months per year (60 - 70 hours of ATM instruction per year); this may also include one-to-one ATM instruction.
    • 600 FI lessons per year over a five-year period or more.
    • 2 - 3 workshops per year.
    • 5 presentations per year.
  7. Attendance in at least one training program other than your own for a minimum of 20 days. Please include documentation for items 1 - 7 above.
  8. A complete curriculum vitae, including knowledge and experience in related areas useful in presenting the Method against a broad and varied background.
  9. A complete description of your practice including:
    • Number FI and ATM lessons and workshops each year
    • A description of presentations, lectures, and contributions to the local media each year
    • A discussion of the age groups and types of people you have worked with and the difficulties you have encountered.
  10. A presentation of at least three case studies (at least one page for each study) of your work with individuals. Include a description of the thought processes that went into your work.
  11. A presentation of your experience with groups, showing your ability to present the Method to a group, demonstrating communication skills and your knowledge of how to create learning experiences (a minimum of one, at least one page in length).
  12. A discussion of how you perceive yourself as a teacher and why you want to become an assistant trainer.
  13. If you practice or practiced in the past another profession (especially medicine or physical therapy), or if you integrate another method into your practice, please include a full description of how this affects your practice and what influence the other method has in your work.
  14. Samples of your advertising.
  15. A letter of recommendation from a trainer or assistant trainer who knows your work. This is optional.
  16. A fee of € 350. An invoice will be sent to you by the office manager as soon as they receive the application. Please arrange payment within two weeks and make sure your name and the reference 'assistant trainer application' are included.
  17. Please include documentation of all credentials you use (e.g., MA, Ph.D., RN, Dr. Med., etc.)
  18. Send the application as a single PDF or MS Word document to info(at) (replacing (at) with @).  If your file is too big to send via email, you can use WeTransfer to send it to the address above. All the information you wish to include must be compiled into one document.
  19. Requirements regarding the format of the application:
    • The application must be in English. Please use a font size comparable to Times New Roman 12pt, and a line spacing of 1.5 to 2.
    • Left/right page margins shall be preferably set to 2.5 cm (1 inch).
    • IT IS VERY IMPORTANT that you include a table of contents as well as page numbers.