Becoming a Trainer is the result of a learning process that is pedagogical in nature. While becoming an Assistant Trainer relies mainly on accumulated experience as a Practitioner, a Trainer must have pedagogical skills. By requiring minimum participation as an Assistant Trainer in Training programs, the guidelines specify that these skills should be acquired within those programs. However, any pedagogical competency or skill achieved elsewhere is relevant and will be considered. It is essential to bear in mind that a Trainer is not only required to master the method itself but to have the ability to build a curriculum, communicate ideas, lead the team, and collaborate with other Trainers.

The road to becoming a Trainer is divided into two phases, each marked by a written application: before becoming a Trainer, one has to become a Trainer Candidate. This phase, transitory in the past, is now considered as having an independent status. It permits its holder a more active role than an Assistant Trainer yet limits the scope of teaching one can do. If the candidate wants to become a Trainer, they must be accompanied by a guidance committee of three Trainers. The role of this committee is to tutor the candidates within the framework of a program and ensure they have developed the necessary competencies. They report to the TAB assessing those competencies. Please read the Guidelines to becoming a Trainer carefully before you start the process to make sure you could fulfill the requirements. 

The application for Trainer Candidate is assessed by members of two TABs, while that of a Trainer, by three. However, the applicant submits the apllication to the TAB correspondent to their region, and that TAB leads the process. You can be in contact with the office all along the process for any question or doubt. 

In order to apply to EuroTab you need to:

  1. Prepare your application.
  2. Register with us through the site.
  3. Submit the application to the office.
  4. You will recieve an invoice with payment instructions.
  5. The application is checked by the office before beeing submitted to the TAB.