An Assistant Trainer is a recognized role within the educational team in an official Training Program. There is no official definition of the practical scope of the position beyond that the Assistant Trainer helps the Trainer in teaching. To work in a program as an Assistant, a Practitioner has to be approved by the TAB and submit a written application. In this application, they must demonstrate having accumulated the minimum experience and knowledge required in the guidelines. Please only apply if you are working in a Training Program or intend to do so.

Before applying, please study the guidelines to becoming an Assistant Trainer to make sure you meet the minimum requirements. These include having graduated from an approved Training Program at least five years earlier and having accumulated a specific volume of work. Make sure you are also accepted in an existing or a future Training Program.

The application is not viewed as an exam. It is an essential step in professional development designed to help you reflect on your career and review your growth process. Our role is to support your integration within the educational community, so if we think you are not ready yet, we will offer feedback and discussion to help you progress. To better understand the application's writing process, we have prepared a supplementary appendix to the guidelines. Please read it carefully. 

We highly recommend that in writing your application, you contact people who have done it before and can help you revise it. If there are details that still need to be clarified, please get in touch with the office before applying. Applications will be reviewed in the order they have been received, and the review will be completed within three months.

Once you have the application ready you need to:

  1. Register with us through the site.
  2. Submit the application to the office.
  3. You will recieve an invoice with payment instructions.
  4. The application would be checked by the office to make sure nothing is missing.
  5. After the initial check and once the fee is paid, the application will be sent to the TAB for assessement.
  6. The assessement process might take up to three months. Once finished, you will get an official feedback letter.