In setting up a new Feldenkrais Professional Training Program, it is not obligatory to have previous experience in practising or teaching the method. However, since it is a complex task that involves economic, pedagogical and organisational aspects, previous experience in the organisation of courses and the desire to learn are necessary. The role of the organiser is to bring together the educational team, the resources and the trainees and manage them throughout the whole program. Their responsibilities are:

  • To assure that all accreditation requirements are met before and during the program, including reporting the situation annually to the TAB and paying the fees.
  • To guarantee the continuity of the program, overseeing finances and logistics.
  • To maintain the flow of communication between the trainees and the educational staff.

To get started, we recommend to follow a few essential steps:

  1. Read and study the Training Guidelines on this site carefully.
  2. Search for an Educational Director (ED). An Educational Director is an experienced Trainer who has been involved in different programs and is familiar with the pedagogical and usually also the organisational aspects involved. The collaboration between you will influence the quality of the program!
  3. Contact the local Guild to inform them about your intentions. You might want to contact Practitioners in your region to learn more about the community you will be involved with.
  4. Check out the local laws and regulations about adult Training Programs.
  5. Work on the training schedule; decide when it will start, how to divide the year into segments, and the length of each. It is essential you first plan for at least the first year. The rest of the dates could be fixed when the educational staff is found, and the application is ready to be presented.
  6. Establish the educational team: visiting Trainers, Assistant Trainers and experienced Practitioners. This step should be taken together with the ED.
  7. Set up a business plan to understand the financial aspects of your enterprise. After understanding the costs involved, you need to know the number of trainees required to ensure the program's viability.
  8. Find a spacious training venue to host your planned number of trainees. Calculate at least 5 m2 per trainee.
  9. Work on your advertising strategy, including website, flyers, social media, etc.
  10. Prepare your Training accreditation application together with the ED. The application should be presented to the TAB at least six months before the program's planned start.
  11. Manage the application process of your trainees.

In addition to the steps mentioned above, we recommend you contact an existing program, talk to their organiser, and, if possible, visit them during a segment to get acquainted with a typical daily routine.

Please do not hesitate to contact ETAB for advice at any stage of your planning. We would be delighted to help.