The TAB is a committee of the ETC responsible for different educational tasks. Its primary role is to supervise the compliance of the educational guidelines in Training Programs and Educational Teams and thereby ensures the quality of a Feldenkrais Practitioner Training.

Before approving a new Training Program, the TAB reviews a written application and confirms it satisfies all the administrative and educational requirements. On the individual level, we are responsible for approving individuals (Assistant Trainers or Trainers) who wish to be a part of the educational team in Training Programs. As a board, we assess and offer feedback on written applications via a democratic and discursive process. Applications must be written in accordance with the international guidelines. In the case of a Trainer Candidate or Trainer application, the process of evaluating the applications is shared with other TABs.

In addition, the TAB promotes different pedagogical projects to improve the quality of the training programs and adapt them to the needs of a growing community in a changing environment. Much of this work is carried out in collaboration with the other TABs.