The Feldenkrais European Training Accreditation Board Council (ETC) represents the professional community of Feldenkrais Practitioners, which are organized in national associations in Europe and Israel. Registered as an association in Bern, Switzerland, it is democratically structured and consists of elected representatives from the member associations.
The role and function of the ETC and its committees is to:
1) Govern and structure the Feldenkrais educational system by providing a professional framework for education in the Feldenkrais Method.
2) Maintain and develop training standards of the Feldenkrais Method and promote international recognition of these standards.
3) Connect and mediate between the professional community (National Associations) and the educational community (Assistant Trainers, Trainers and Organizers) of the Feldenkrais Method.
The ETC's ultimate mission is to ensure the existence and sustainable development of education in the Feldenkrais Method and thus pave the way for a flourishing future of the Feldenkrais Method in Europe and Israel.